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Futura One Network is a Scandinavian Network

The FuturaOne Consultancy Network is based in Scandinavia. Our consultants are fully trained and accredited by FuturaOne to carry out uncertainty analyses and training in the Futura process.

With many years of risk/uncertainty analysis consultancy experience across a wide range of industries and the public sector. Assignments include uncertainty analysis of cost, schedule and profitability for capital projects as well as risk assessment of organisational change initiatives and corporate/business planning. These are our associated partners:


Futura One AS

Erling Hjallen

+47 90091952


Geir Frønes

+47 90768512


Halvor Stormoen

+47 91143043


Projektkvalitet AB

Thomas Lillskogen

+46 0705185885


HKS-Consult ApS

Henrik Søndergaard

Mobile: +45 26298240


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